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Five Red Flags to Consider When Looking for a Sage 50 Payments Solution 

By Fortis |

Running a business is all about efficiency. Sage 50 software allows businesses to streamline their accounting processes, capture more revenue, and remain compliant. A Sage 50 payment integration should be just as efficient and embed seamlessly into the software. The last thing you need is a payments solution that creates headaches instead of streamlining your workflow. 

That’s why it’s important to investigate each payment processing solution thoroughly. The integration you plug into your system should improve cash flow, automate manual processes, and ensure secure data compliance. 

But, as you know, not all payment solutions are created equal. So, in this blog, we cover five common red flags to be wary of when considering a Sage 50 payments solution. 

Red Flag #1: Long-term contracts 

Don’t get locked in. While a long partnership is ideal, you don’t want to be stuck with an ill-fitted solution. Longer commitments make it difficult for merchants and organizations to negotiate terms and fees.  

Pay-as-you-go, no contract solutions exist, and they are often preferable.  

Red Flag #2: Non-PCI compliant solutions 

Any payment solution you use should be PCI-compliant – end of story. Sensitive customer data is involved when accepting payments, and you don’t want to leave yourself open to liabilities. Even more, non-compliance fees can drain your financial reserves, with penalties as high as $10,000 a month.   

Red Flag #3: Manual payment collection 

Your integration should never require you to chase down customer payments. Constant follow-up on unpaid customer invoices drains your time, cash, and resources. The right payment processor should have the right tools in place to combat this. 

Tools like click-to-pay invoicing embed payment links in emails and text messages to streamline payments. Other solutions like autopay create automated follow-ups and recurring payment options.  

Red Flag #4: Non-customizable solutions

Payments isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” industry, and most businesses need to tweak their payment solution to match their strategy. A best-in-class payment processor should have deep, dynamic APIs that promote customization. APIs should be user-friendly, comprehensive, and have ongoing developer documentation. 

Red Flag #5: Non-certified Sage Solution

Finally, most important of all, your payment solution should be Sage certified. As a Sage 50 user, you want to ensure your payment solution has been vetted by the program itself. If a payment solution isn’t loudly proclaiming its certified status, it’s best to turn the other way.  

Transform Your Sage Payments with a Certified Solution 

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Fortis has no red flags. Enjoy features like: 

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