Fortifying your business
through unique payment

Fortis is the only partner dedicated to transforming payments into your competitive advantage. We’re here to guide you through your unique journey and equip you with the right tools and capabilities for your industry.

About fortis about us

About Fortis

Fortis delivers comprehensive payment solutions and enablement to software partners and developers, processing billions of dollars annually. The company’s mission is to forge a holistic payments experience, guiding businesses to reach uncharted growth and scale. As the solution of choice for the future of payments, Fortis moves payments closer to invisible with a proprietary platform that supports and strengthens the payments capabilities of software partners.

A model tailored to you

Our unique “Platform-to-Platform” model allows us to create personalized experiences based on your software’s industry-specific needs. As we work with you and integrate into your software, your business will reach uncharted scale while experiencing strengthened relationships between your software and your users.

our brand promises

Our Brand Promises

To lead business through unique payments journeys.

To boldly lead the way to accessible payments by teaching those we connect with.

To relentlessly equip you with the tools needed to fortify your business.

Why Fortis?

Your business is different, so is Fortis. As the only payment partner dedicated to making payments your competitive advantage, we are uniquely positioned to help you reach sustainable scale.

our guides

Our Guides

A dedicated professional trained to guide you through payments and create experiences for your customers

our platform

Our Platform

A proprietary payments platform designed to support and strengthen the payments capabilities of your business

our experience

Our Experience

Turnkey integrations and the latest payment technology solutions to future-proof your payments experience

Our Company History

July 2022


Partnered with Everyware opening integrated payment acceptance across platforms

June 2022


Acquired SmartPay

March 2022


Partnered with Lockstep, further strengthening its breadth of ERP accelerated payment offerings

December 2021


Acquired VIP Integrated Payments

October 2021

Rebranded as Fortis

September 2021

Acquired OmniFund

July 2021

Greg Cohen, Dennis McLaughlin, and Ashley Usher join the leadership team

May 2021

Acquired EpicPay and Change Merchant Solutions

January 2021

Acquired Swype at Work


Deployed our end-to-end payment facilitation and acquiring capabilities. Surpassed $10B in annual processing volumes

August 2020

Merged with BlueDog and added our Florida facility

December 2019

Partnered with Lovell Minnick Partners, a mid-market private equity firm

April 2019

Acquired Zeamster


Launched our gateway and started working with software partners across the country


FortisPay was founded, providing payment technology to those in the US and Canada

Leadership Team

Greg Cohen

Greg Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

Jimmy Nafso

Jimmy Nafso


Ron Dichter

Ron Dichter

Chief Revenue Officer

Timmy Nafso

Timmy Nafso

Executive Vice President

Ashley Usher

Ashley Usher

Chief Operating Officer

Dennis McLaughlin

Dennis McLaughlin

Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan Goldin

Jonathan Goldin

Chief People Officer

What’s new in our industry?

press releases

Press Releases

Learn more about the latest with Fortis on our Press Releases page.



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