Fortifying your business through unique commerce experiences

Fortis is the only partner dedicated to transforming commerce into your competitive advantage. We’re here to guide you through your unique journey and equip you with the right tools and capabilities for your industry.


Commerce has long been viewed as a treacherous environment too vast and complicated for many to easily and safely navigate. We are here to change that.

Our unique “Platform-to-Platform” model allows us to create personalized experiences based on your software’s industry-specific needs. As we work with you and integrate into your software, your business will reach uncharted scale while experiencing strengthened relationships between your software and your users.


To forge a holistic commerce experience, guiding businesses to reach uncharted growth and scale.


To be the solution of choice for the future of payments by moving commerce closer to invisible.

Our Core Tenets

  • Embrace complexities
    We understand the nuances of the industries we serve and stay curious and engaged to allow them to grow. We are proactive in making commerce easier for businesses.
  • Empower options
    We go to great lengths to provide purposeful choices that forge unique paths towards accessibility. We support businesses to be confident and in control of their choices.
  • Teach and advocate
    We readily teach and share our expertise with others— encouraging them to make the best possible choices. We are realistic about what is achievable and transparent about the challenges of commerce.

Why Fortis?

Your business is different, so is Fortis. As the only payment partner dedicated to making commerce your competitive advantage, we are uniquely positioned to help you reach sustainable scale.

Our Guides

A dedicated professional trained to guide you through commerce and create experiences for your customers.

Our Platform

A proprietary payments platform designed to support and strengthen the commerce capabilities of your business.

Our Experience

Turnkey integrations and the latest payment technology solutions to future-proof your commerce experience.

Become a Fortis Guide

It takes a smart and seasoned team to deliver the Fortis experience to our customers. If you’re looking for your next career path, check out our open opportunities.