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General Benefits of Embedded Payments

Better User Experience

Make transactions close to invisible by embedding payments into your software or solution. Facilitate payments within your current ecosystem, creating a seamless user journey from acquisition to purchase.

Add New Revenue Streams

Monetize your payment facilitation model and receive part of the processing revenue for the payments flowing through your software system.

Onboard Merchants Quickly

Embedding payments into your ecosystem will reduce the time it takes to underwrite and onboard merchants to your solution.

Why Fortis vs. Others



Instant, invisible API integrations that embed the Fortis platform into your existing software without disruption.



Create personalized, industry-specific experiences with our Platform-to-Platform model for your users.


Exceptional Customer

Extraordinary customer service and support teams you can count on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fortis Features

Award-Winning APIs

  • Device Communication Sophistication
  • API First

Payment Experience

  • Payment Facilitation
  • Recurring Engine
  • Text to Pay
  • Card Account Updater
  • Level II and Level III
  • EMV Card Present

Security and Compliance

  • Tokenization
  • Fraud Protection for Auth Testing
  • PCI Compliance

Documentation and Reporting

  • Invoicing
  • Schedule Reporting

Account Support

  • Cardholder Portal
  • Customer Manager
  • Multi-Merchant Account Support
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