Simplify account enrollment and onboarding with a complete payment solution

Make payment facilitation a native part of your payments ecosystem

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Seamlessly embed the ability to enroll, accept payments, and monetize software through a payment processing stream. Make payment facilitation an innate feature within your current ecosystem. 


No additional liability or overhead needed

Get APIs for credit card and ACH payments up and running on your platform in a few days

Processor neutral capabilities – board and support accounts where you don’t process 

Receive the lion’s share of the processing revenue for the payments flowing through your software system

Easy access to our sandbox on

Frictionless onboarding experience  

Enhanced workflows and optional business models to maximize adoption, including optional Sales Assist capabilities for complex accounts

Chargeback management – Take advantage of payments tools to help protect against fraud and chargebacks

Why Fortis?

We’ve Done the Hard Work for You
Fortis manages everything for you – underwriting, fraud monitoring, funding, gateway reporting, and chargeback management. Leverage negotiations made with acquiring banks and processors, an in-house Level 1 PCI compliant payment gateway, and all necessary certifications and licenses.

You Have Control
If you don’t want Fortis to manage it all – you have that option, too! The Fortis Platform’s sophisticated and diverse API libraries allow you to leverage and control the payment process flow and customize your merchants onboarding and transactional experience.

Exceptional Industry Expertise
Fortis helps you navigate the transition to payment facilitation, providing you with the right tools to accomplish this quickly and easily before your bottom line suffers. Expect real security, real savings, and real value when you partner with Fortis.

Ready to power up your payments?

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