Guiding you through integration

Explore tools, resources, and examples to
integrate Fortis into your software

With instant, invisible API integrations and customization to fit vertical needs, our platform seamlessly embeds into your existing software. Let’s get started.

  • Commerce Facilitation & Enrollment
  • Full Omnichannel Commerce Acceptance
  • Reporting & Analytics Suite of Tools
  • Client Management Connectivity
  • Security & Compliance Made Simple

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About our platform

Our proprietary platform can handle everything—from enabling commerce to creating seamless transactions and exchanges, to invoicing, risk management, omnichannel experiences, customer insights and more. By providing a robust portfolio of services within our platform, we can meet your diverse commerce needs—no matter what they may be. And as your business grows, our scalable platform grows with you.

Equipping you for success

We at Fortis take extra care in providing you the right tools and resources to ensure that the software integration process is as smooth and efficient as possible. With developer-friendly documentation and a “Platform-to-Platform” model to develop, test, and launch, our experts are ready to assist you through the embedding process as little or as much as you’d like.

Begin the journey to a seamless payment process.

The Fortis Developer Portal can be used to assist with
programming integrations as well as for demo purposes.

The Fortis Integration Experience

Unique Revenue Opportunities

Experience lifetime residuals that reward your efforts with every business setup.

Single Platform to Develop, Test, and Launch

With multiple coding languages available, you will find everything you need in one place, making integration simple and fast.

Dedicated Assistance and Integration Specialists

Get round-the-clock expert help from developers who built the platform and created the API docs.