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Our proprietary platform and certified Guides come together to enhance the payments capabilities of your software and provide downstream value to your network of businesses. See how our Platform-to-Platform model is designed to support and strengthen software partners like you, today and tomorrow.

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The Fortis Way

To strengthen your business, enable scale, and fortify the relationship between your software and users, we create personalized experiences through our “Platform-to-Platform” model.  No matter your role, our dedicated professionals help you navigate the full payments capabilities of our platform. With sophisticated APIs and top-notch security, together we can help your business create a payments ecosystem that unlocks opportunity.


With deep vertical specialization, award-winning developer connectivity, and real-time, rules-based underwriting API, our platform has what you need to quickly connect with your customers. With just a few data inputs, accounts are approved and boarded in minutes.

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Exchange & Transact

Provide your customers a seamless transaction experience through our platform. Our secure, end-to-end module enables omnichannel payments advantages, so you can deliver the modern, fluid, and predictable experiences your customers demand.


Unearth transaction and payments intelligence through near-real-time insights and dynamic reporting tools within our platform. Our portal provides partners with support and information to drive business optimization – for you and your customers.

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With robust go-to-market offerings, creative financing & monetization, and module enhancements, we can help you in creating custom experiences within your existing software. Expand and futureproof the value you provide to your customers today and tomorrow.

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