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Don’t overcomplicate eCommerce. The Fortis platform unifies everything in one place to create a comprehensive, turnkey payments solution. Our dedicated specialists partner with you to provide a guided experience and ensure a simple, secure gateway set up so you can easily accept payments, connect with your eCommerce customers, and deliver a seamless retail experience.


Merge with the latest technology.

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Retail Stores

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Simplify payments with a powerful gateway.

Smooth, Straightforward Integration

Integrate the Fortis payments gateway with your choice of CMS, shopping carts, and eCommerce platforms to deliver a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Boost online sales with flexible payment options and quick cart integration. Our turnkey eCommerce solution enables you to create a customizable, all-in-one experience that scales with your business.

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Unmatched Customer Service, Specialized Support

Combine industry-leading technology with the expertise of our Fortis Guides to unlock the best end-to-end experience for your customers. We are always available to offer support and facilitate the process to ensure you’re up and running with the capabilities your customers expect. Our Guides partner with you to simplify payments and help you forge a path along your journey.

Enhance payments across channels.

Scalable Omnichannel eCommerce Solution

Simplify your retail business by consolidating all online and offline payments into one omnichannel system. Deliver your customers a seamless retail buying experience across every channel, location, and device. When your business is operating at scale, you need to provide a seamless retail buying experience for your customers. Using Fortis’s customizable retail payment technology, you can create a single merchant account that enables your customers to buy from your store online, in-person, or over the phone.

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Accept All Payment Methods

Cater to your customers’ needs with the smart cloud-based Fortis solution. Connect point of sale devices and use the latest chip technology to accept credit and debit cards, including EMV and ACH. Our flexible cross-channel platform provides your customers with a seamless experience wherever they are and empowers you to process payments:

  • In-store
  • Online
  • On the go (mobile)
  • With a Virtual Terminal

Protect customers with secure transactions.

Process Payments, Safely

Protect your customers and your profitability with industry-leading security technology. The Fortis platform ensures a constantly secure online payments experience. Recognize returning customers across channels using tokenization to safely store customer card details. Our multi-level approach enhances security with EMV smart cloud-based systems, tokenization, and incorporates PCI-compliant standards to secure sensitive data with end-to-end encryption.

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Robust Reporting Capabilities

Track your performance across channels and regions using enhanced analytics and customizable online reporting. Measure key metrics to make informed decisions that drive business growth. Our comprehensive solution connects all your payments in one place so you can capture customer insights, connect transactions to individuals, and better understand customer behavior. With a unified eCommerce experience, you can simplify cross-channel reconciliation and stop wasting time trying to manage several merchant accounts.

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