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See how your business can use the Fortis platform to create more seamless and intuitive experiences for your customers.

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Your business is our business

At Fortis, we care about your business. That’s why we offer a wide variety of commerce and payment tools,
resources, and advice to better connect you to your customers and provide growth opportunities.

Our Guides

A dedicated professional trained to guide you through commerce and create payment experiences for your customers.

Our Platform

A proprietary payment platform designed to support and strengthen the commerce capabilities of your business.

Our Experience

Turnkey integrations and the latest payment technology solutions to future-proof your commerce experience.

Our Specializations

Meet your Guide

We pair you with a Guide who has deep vertical expertise in your industry. Our knowledgeable payment professionals will discuss your short and long-term goals and industry-specific needs.

guide talking over laptop

Develop a Roadmap

Following your initial consultation, we work alongside you to develop an experience roadmap to ensure a smooth integration process. This roadmap also includes key insight into your vertical-specific needs.

Build out tools

Once integrated, our platform enables you to take advantage of commerce tools to better manage chargebacks, split payments, saved customer profiles, and more.

laptop with charts and graphs
custom reports

Learn from custom reports

Our custom reporting portal provides your business with support and information to glean more visibility into their day-to-day. Access critical information like near-real-time insights to optimize your business.

Underwriting and Risk

During the underwriting process, our data analytics and AI technology automate evaluations and decision-making in real-time. We also provide for customized business risk parameters that grow with your business.

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