Sales and Marketing
Assist Program

Elevate your recurring payments and
marketing strategies.

Whether you’re a small start-up or an established enterprise, unlock the full potential of your business with our complimentary marketing and sales tools.

Benefits of the Sales and Marketing Assist Program

Seamless and Customized
Enrollment Services

Our experienced Sales Team customizes your payments journey from pricing analysis to application, underwriting, deployment, and revenue activation.

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Expert Storytelling
Via Video Content

Drive conversions, build trust, and tell your story through sales, educational, and spotlight videos.

A Powerful Suite of
Marketing Templates

Readily access a variety of co-branded templates, training guides, and campaign library, improving your online presence and setting you apart in the market.

Why Fortis?


Trusted by Businesses of All Sizes


Expert Guidance from a Dedicated Sales Team


Proven, Successful Video Marketing


Tailored Solutions for B2B, B2C, and Enterprise Merchants

Key Program Features

Sales Assist Service

  • Customized enrollment support
  • Experienced sales team
  • Comprehensive guidance from pricing analysis to revenue activation
  • Co-branded templates, training guides, and campaign library

Video Marketing Support

  • Visual, engaging content
  • Expert team for video production
  • Sales, educational, and spotlight content variety
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