Create custom experiences for your industry and users

We know there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to payments.
That’s why we take the time to equip you with the right tools and capabilities for your industry, so you can tailor payments into your competitive advantage.


Elevate your ERP to provide more value and impact to your customers. Our experts will lead the way in connecting your customers to tools, technology, and vertical expertise while giving you a competitive edge.

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Our proprietary platform strengthens your property management system, specialty solution, or hospitality interface to provide more value for your customers, regardless of complexity or channel. See how Fortis can help you manage everything you need in one place—all while unlocking growth and scale.



We solve your payments needs amidst the ever-increasing demands of medical practices. By integrating Fortis with your healthcare management system, offices can collect quickly and manage all aspects of patients’ payments in one place. Accounts receivable management is made simple through our seamless experiences.


Specialty Retail

We understand the unique challenges of the outdoor sports and pawn industries, and our experts are here to help you navigate through them. Discover how Fortis’ proprietary payments platform can simplify your payments experience and help you manage risk.

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eCommerce & Retail

Commerce has never been more challenging as most companies today conduct business in multiple mediums. Our platform stitches together the connectivity needed to operate in-store, online, or mobile seamlessly creating the best experience for your enterprise.


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