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Boost Growth with a Sales and Marketing Assist Program

By Fortis |

For ISVs and merchants, integrating payments into your software is a major step toward creating a holistic product. However, this is no easy task, as this addition affects many other areas of your business. That’s why having a fully equipped sales and marketing team is crucial to making this process seamless. A properly equipped team, via a Sales and Marketing Assist Program, helps maintain a seamless user experience, eases the transition for your customers, and gives you the opportunity to add an additional stream of revenue to your bottom line. 

In this blog, we look at three different ways to prepare your team for the integration of payments into your software or solution – in-house options, leveraging an agency, or using a third-party. First, let’s discuss the elements that are usually part of a Sales and Marketing Assist Program. 

Your Sales and Marketing Assist Checklist 

A typical Sales and Marketing Assist Program should contain the following components: 

Sales Education and Execution: 

  • Battle Cards 
  • Sales Call Script 
  • Sales Nurture Email Campaigns 


  • Landing page 
  • Flyer 
  • Email Marketing 

Now, let’s discuss the three different avenues you can take to implement these types of programs.  

1.) In-house sales and marketing teams 

Your first option is to have internal sales and marketing teams within your organization. While you will have a lot of control over the process, this option can quickly become the most work. Your internal team will be responsible for not only creating messaging, but effectively communicating said messaging internally across the organization and externally to prospective clients. 

However, if done well, this option will save you money in the long run.  

2.) Leveraging agencies 

Your second option is to leverage an agency. One major benefit of using an agency is increased bandwidth. Your agency will provide the proper resources to develop the right messaging for your targeted audience.  

On the other hand, there will be considerable work needed to catch your agency up to speed, based on the individual goals of your organization. While the agency will have some templates in place, keep in mind that it will take a large burden from your core team, which ultimately comes with an external cost.  

3.) Third-Party Options 

Lastly, our final option is using a third-party payment processor. As you can imagine, this option comes with benefits in the form of expertise, efficiency, and cost.  

Ideally, the payment company you use should know the financial space inside and out, helping you optimally position your software or solution. Moreover, having your payment partner handle the sales and marketing means that they have this cost baked into their model, resulting in no additional cost for you, saving both time and money. 

Streamline your sales and marketing processes with Fortis 

No matter what path you choose – in-house, agency, or third-party – make sure you effectively calculate the cost of your path and do what makes the most sense for your business goals. If the last option sounds like it will work best for you, consider choosing Fortis to elevate the recurring payments and marketing strategies of your business! 

Fortis’ Sales and Marketing Assist Program enables businesses to quickly connect with their customers, maintain consistency, and support their sales and marketing efforts. Some features include: 

  • Customized enrollment support 
  • Experienced sales teams 
  • Comprehensive guidance from pricing analysis to revenue activation 
  • Co-branded templates, training guides, a campaign library, and online presence materials 
  • Video production tools – sales, educational, and spotlight content 

Our program contains expert guidance from specialized industry Guides and has tailored solutions for B2B, B2C, and enterprise merchants.

To learn more, visit our Sales and Marketing Assist Program page on our website. Let’s unlock the full potential of your business with our marketing and sales tools, together.