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Building A Customer Experience: The Fortis Approach to Partner Success

By Fortis |

Your payment experience can make or break your business.

According to a recent PYMNTS study, 55% of shoppers get so frustrated with the checkout process that they abandon their purchase. Unsurprisingly, the outlook isn’t much better for B2B organizations. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), would be willing to pay up to an additional 1% per transaction for payment relief due to frustrating accounts receivable and payable experiences.  

End-to-end platforms like Fortis provide the solution enabling businesses to grow operations and reduce payment friction, thus improving the customer experience. In this blog, we discuss how poor payment experiences can affect your business and how to improve the process for your customers.

Poor Payment Processing = Bad Customer Experiences = Less Revenue

A subpar payment process can be lethal to your business. This experience often stems from disjointed legacy systems and a lack of control over the payment system.  

Legacy payment and ISV software systems that do not integrate with each other create significant friction for merchants. This disconnect obscures critical data from businesses while creating frustration for customers through a lengthy, complex, or even broken checkout process. Resulting in lost customers and income potential. Additionally, many businesses struggle with a lack of payment software customization.  

“Plug-and-play” platforms do not offer significant human support. The lack of a human relationship makes it more challenging for ISVs to develop a seamless and unique payment experience. This is why a customizable, seamlessly integrated payment processing platform is essential to your business’ growth and revenue.

Creating a Remarkable Payment Experience with Fortis

A frictionless payment process hinges on tailored solutions backed by cutting-edge technology. The right solution enables businesses to build a custom payment process and integrate it with current software and other financial systems. Such a system is rarely built in isolation or plug-and-play, and seldom addresses the human experience in a transaction .  

For truly optimized payments, it is helpful to work with a dedicated expert who understands the nuances of both your industry and your chosen payment solution. A best-in-class platform like Fortis will ensure you have an expert to work with when creating your payment workflow with proven strategies and a personalized approach 

Turnkey solutions offer industry-specific features and transparent payment data and pricing. Automation and security controls improve record-keeping and streamline business processes without slowing down or sacrificing data quality.

Partnerships, benefit ISVs and businesses looking to scale quickly. For example, the Fortis partnership program offers several services to streamline payment optimization and solution implementation, including:  

  • Access to dedicated and certified expert Guides  
  • Customized roadmap  
  • Go-to-market sales and marketing tools  
  • In-depth reports with real-time insights  
  • Underwriting and risk support  


A unique “Platform-to-Platform” model, such as Fortis’, enables ISVs and businesses to create personalized experiences based on their industry and unique requirements. With the help of dedicated professionals, businesses can leverage Fortis’ expertise to easily implement nuanced solutions without focusing on the technicalities internally. Known as Guides, these payment experts help organizations develop customized roadmaps, implement them, and answer additional questions or concerns related to the payment experience.

Turbocharge Your Payments

The Fortis platform is an end-to-end payment solution for businesses looking to scale. Its embedded payment features and ISV software integrations allow customers to experience a seamless payment process while improving transaction data accuracy. Businesses can leverage features like text-to-pay, loyalty programs, and alternative payments. Fortis’ award-winning APIs and extensive customization options ensure businesses and ISVs can develop an optimized and user-friendly payment workflow.  

Above all, the Fortis difference lies in its commitment to human relationships and its software partners. Our team of payment experts works with businesses and developers to design truly remarkable payment experiences. Through our platform and payment industry expertise, the dedicated professionals at Fortis collaborate with our partners to build a tailor-made payment experience roadmap.

Looking to start creating remarkable payment experiences? Learn more by contacting our expert Guides today.