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Commerce Technology Leader Rebrands as Fortis

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New Commerce Enablement Capabilities and Payment Solutions Allow Software Partners to Scale 

New brand look and feel underscore the company’s game-changing transformation 

NOVI, Mich., Oct. 12, 2021 — Fortis Payment Systems, LLC (Fortis), a payment and commerce technology leader for software providers, marketplaces, developers and businesses, announced today the company has refreshed its brand look and feel to better reflect the new technology stack, solutions and value proposition it offers to partners and developers. Now doing business as Fortis, the commerce technology leader is on a mission to deliver a holistic payments experience, guiding businesses to reach uncharted growth and scale.

Sensing industry fundamentals were shifting toward seamless experiences, the company’s leaders staked out a new vision: to meet the future of payments by moving commerce closer to invisible. Fortis invested in new capabilities to enable software partners to scale. Fortis’ end-to-end solutions take payment facilitation and instant connectivity, enablement and adoption to new levels. Fortis is uniquely able to offer numerous models and payment connectivity options off a single platform to maximize adoption and create meaningful value.

The market has responded favorably to the Fortis strategy. Each software partner is different and the “guide driven” methodical approach to partner success has been well received allowing the company to grow 5X over the past 2 years and show an impressive 46% increase in organic volume processed over the last 12 months.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time because we’ve built a team and assembled a set of unified capabilities that enable unparalleled integration excellence,” said Fortis CEO Greg Cohen. “Software companies’ payments needs are expanding, and we’re proactively making commerce easier by providing more choices and guidance. Given the shift in our mission and expansion of our capabilities, a refresh of our brand makes sense because we do more than just payments, we enable embedded commerce. This change reorients our team, partners and marketplace around our new vision.”

To be the solution of choice for the future of payments, Fortis is embracing complexities and engaging the industries it serves to facilitate growth and streamline commerce. The company is committed to delivering unique paths to empowering businesses with meaningful choices and control while serving as an advocate and trusted guide. Fortis makes software partners stronger by offering bespoke experiences on its proprietary platform, delivering downstream value to business networks.

“The future of commerce is seamless integration with software, and the Fortis platform is ready with a full technology stack that delivers comprehensive commerce enablement features,” said Kevin Shamoun, CTO at Fortis. “Whether it’s core integration capabilities, multiple payment facilitation experiences, omnichannel connectivity or award-winning APIs, our platform and certification team are ready to embrace industry and marketplace nuances to move businesses forward.”

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Fortis, formerly known as FortisPay, delivers comprehensive payment solutions and commerce enablement to software partners and developers, processing billions of dollars annually. The company’s mission is to forge a holistic commerce experience, guiding businesses to reach uncharted growth and scale. As the solution of choice for the future of payments, Fortis moves commerce closer to invisible with a proprietary platform that supports and strengthens the commerce and payments capabilities of software partners. For more information, visit

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