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Five Easy Ways To Go Green With Payments

By Fortis |

As a business owner, you may think it’s difficult to go green. There are many easy steps you can take that not only help the environment but also improve the safety and savings of your business.

1. Don’t write down credit card numbers 
This not only wastes paper, but it also puts your customer and your business at increased risk. All sensitive information should be entered directly into your payment system for security purposes.

2. Print responsibly
If you need to print something, ask yourself “is this something that needs to be printed?” Especially consider this for lengthier documents or receipts that can be sent electronically. Electronic documents are not only easier for your customer, but also for your business as the information is more readily available.

3. Integrate
Integrating with a payment processor will not only improve your business’s efficiency but also provide one location for all transaction data to be stored. This drastically reduces the time spent reconciling by hand while also adding additional payment functionalities.

4. Provide online payment options
If your payment integration gives you the ability to send invoices or accept payments online, use it! Customers love a variety of payment options, and these features are a simple way to cut down on excess paper.

5. Send digital receipts/invoices
It has become more commonplace for people to request electronic receipts and/or pay their bills online. If your business uses online invoice functionalities, use them to help automate the payment process and reduce waste.

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