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Developing FedNow expertise enhances your value to business clients

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The launch of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s new FedNow instant funds transfer solution is ushering in a new era in real-time payments that promises to transform B2B commerce.

But implementing this new service is a technical challenge, and it requires the right expertise to ensure smooth deployment and a seamless experience for both the customer and the supplier. That’s especially true when it comes to accounting. The promise of instant payments is certainly appealing, but it does come with some risks and caveats that clients must keep in mind.  

That’s why building expertise in FedNow implementation and management can be a competitive advantage for firms in helping their clients navigate this new opportunity.  

What is FedNow? 

Built and managed by the U.S. Federal Reserve, FedNow enables banks and credit unions to conduct instant fund transfers for their customers 24/7/365, including weekends, holidays and overnight. That means no more waiting for pending transactions or checks to clear; when payments are made, the vendor receives the funds instantly with no processing delays, and no third-party intermediaries or fees. Already 35 banks and credit unions are enrolled, and the Federal Reserve is committed to working with every such institution in the country to support widespread roll out.   

Enhance your value with FedNow expertise

By making payments much faster and more efficient, FedNow gives B2B buyers and suppliers — like independent software vendors — much faster access to capital, opening the door to new business models, customer insights and growth opportunities to help them expand into new markets. While adoption is slowly building momentum, eventually, FedNow will become table stakes for B2B vendors.  

For accounting firms, having this expertise to help your clients become early adopters can give them — and you — a strong advantage. Here’s how: 

  • Instant access to funds demands fiscal responsibility. FedNow provides stringent security protocols that can reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and virtually eliminate the potential for overdrafts and chargebacks. This is great news for vendors, and because transactions settle immediately, that means your clients will now have faster access to funds. However, this does create a greater need for fiscal responsibility. Your clients will need your counsel as a trusted advisor to help them carefully navigate financial decisions and budgeting for investments as they transition to real-time cashflow.  
  • Leverage strategic data insights. Implementing FedNow allows vendors to tap into deep customer and transaction insights to understand more about buyer behavior and sales trends. For accountants, developing the capacity to analyze and help clients leverage this data to capitalize on trends and growth opportunities is a strategic advantage. Developing this expertise can position your firm as a partner in growth, rather than merely a necessary cost of doing business. 
  • Capitalize on revenue generation opportunities. FedNow implementation can allow your clients to grow their businesses through new channels, new markets and new business models — particularly digital subscriptions, SaaS offerings and digital marketplaces. It’s also a convenience that customers may be willing to pay extra for, which allows your clients to monetize the payments process itself. They’ll need your expertise to properly account for this new revenue stream. 
  • Bolster your reputation and value as a partner. Beyond just “keeping the books,” firms should provide advisory services that help clients maximize their business opportunities and profitability. This type of consultancy is essential to delivering the type of value and support that differentiates a firm against the competition. Increasingly, that competition includes not only the firm down the street, but also machines. Automated and artificial intelligence solutions can handle most of the “grunt work” with ease and efficiency, but FedNow expertise gives accountants and CPAs an opportunity to offer cutting-edge solutions that only trusted human advisors can provide. Helping clients to leverage these innovative payment solutions as a strategic asset increases your value as a partner and positions your firm at the forefront of emerging technology to enhance your reputation and grow your business.   

Getting ahead of the competition with FedNow expertise can position your firm as a strategic partner that can provide cutting-edge solutions and enhanced value. Partnering with embedded payments providers who understand the technology and have deep experience in leveraging payments as a growth strategy strengthens your role as a true partner in helping your clients capitalize on new innovations and opportunities. 

Mark Bishopp

Senior Vice President Of Embedded Commerce And Partnerships, Fortis

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