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Fortis and Everyware Partner to Deliver a Completely Integrated Payment Experience

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Fortis, a payment and commerce technology leader for software providers, marketplaces and scaling businesses, announced its partnership with Everyware opening integrated payment acceptance across platforms. The partnership will automate enrollment, provide faster cash collection and seamless commerce through various channels. Fortis’ clients will enjoy enhanced digital offerings while Everyware’s customers will have access to Fortis’ award-winning payment commerce platform, creating a seamless and integrated advantage for all partners and businesses.

“Fortis is now a fully integrated experience with Everyware, allowing our clients to enjoy the variety of convenient payment options they support,” said Larry Talley, founder and CEO of Everyware. “Being empowered to support payments in every channel and remove burdensome security requirements creates a winning formula for our clients. We’re excited to see what the partnership brings to our merchants.”

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Everyware, a leading contactless payments and customer engagement solutions company, is leveraging Fortis technology to offer end-to-end acceptance solutions across expanded channels and segments. The two have enabled a seamless experience for enrollment and business intelligence, while integrating across many payment options with full tokenization and extending digital solutions to the point of sale for card-present transactions. Everyware and Fortis are supporting innumerous payment devices to accept EMV, contactless and emerging contactless payment tenders.

“With Everyware’s breadth of solutions Fortis is able to expand and enable commerce in new markets, as well as strengthen current offerings to software providers and their clients in key verticals,” said Greg Cohen, CEO at Fortis. “This partnership bolsters our capabilities in order to provide unique commerce experiences that meet specialized needs across different industries.”

Fortis has rapidly expanded its product portfolio and market reach and is quickly becoming the payment solution of choice for business leaders who want to make commerce a competitive advantage. Its partnership with Everyware promises additional offerings to clients that will change the way they conduct commerce in the future.

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