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Partner Spotlight: Ricochet POS 

By Fortis |

Ricochet partnered with Fortis to go beyond the basics of a payment integration and added tremendous value to their product by tapping into next-gen embedded payment features.

Creating solutions for niche business has many rewards. For Ricochet, they were able to build a platform to free clients from the constraints of old technology and outdated practices. At the same time, they continue to craft their product around the direct feedback from consumers and enhance the platform.

As a part of the specialty retail and consignment verticals, they supply their end-users a way to manage inventory, keep track of consignees, and other general business functions. The owners of Ricochet noticed that when it came to payments it was up to the customer to find a third-party provider to fill this need. While stand-alone solutions would perform the basic tasks, managing the communication between the POS and the payment terminal would be difficult for front and back of house employees. That pain-point had their team redirecting their product roadmap, looking for an integration.

There exist several payment companies out there who perform the basics of taking and processing credit cards. Through the field of options, Ricochet further explored the rich features that combine several types of integrations and bundle them under their POS system.

After a deep PayOps evaluation with Fortis, Ricochet was given a plan to embed payments with the Fortis Platform’s robust omni-channel payment systems and their innovative features that help merchants further connect with their customers. The newly updated Cloud 2.0 gateway integration creates one API that Ricochet develops for. Additionally, with this update, they relieve their technical burden of supporting terminal deployment because of Fortis’ rapid terminal deployment online management system.

Now all POS and payment features are under one system making it more efficient for staff to track payments. With the text message payment link feature, merchants can send a text message to their customers who are making phone orders or deposits and request payments. By offering digital receipts, their customers are now tapped into a digital atmosphere. It is now possible to submit their ratings on their experience without moving to another platform. Merchants have the opportunity to display interactive marketing messages on their customer’s phone.

Fortis goes beyond the basics of taking payments and provides a value-add platform that helps Ricochet develop a robust and multi-functional product. To become a Fortis partner and do the same for your business or software, visit our partner page.