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Partner Spotlight: Window World

By Fortis |

Window World, America’s largest home exterior remodeler, combined their breakthrough software WW360 and the Fortis integration to transform their payment process.

Receiving and processing a vast number of transactions takes significant manpower. Recording payments and navigating various payment structures often draws time and resources away from growth initiatives. And, as a company scales, a streamlined payment process becomes more critical. As Window World has sold over 20,000,000 windows since 1995, it was essential for them to keep evolving their payment infrastructure to optimize their bottom line. 

“Payments that are made through Fortis make their way into 360, so they don’t have to do double entry. That eventually works its way into QuickBooks, so our store owners really appreciate the complete solution that Window World 360 and Fortis provide,” Duffy Sweeney, SVP IT Digital & Operations. 

This industry-leading home improvement company offers high-quality and energy-efficient windows, doors, siding, shutters, and more at an affordable price. In addition to these products, Window World offers a professional installation team to ensure the improvements are installed efficiently and in accordance with code.

With so many moving parts, it was essential for the Window World team to standardize and streamline their payment process. Fortis offered a comprehensive solution that worked with Windows World’s current tech stack by bringing innovative technologies and a credit card processing perspective to the table.  

Through the Fortis integration with WW360, Window World was able to automate payment posting to 360, boost payment security, add payment terminals to the field, and shift from card-not-present transactions to card-present payments—saving a significant sum in fees. In addition, final payments could be automatically charged as Fortis saved and tokenized client payment information.  

Partnering with Fortis not only digitized and automated the payment process for Window World, but also improved the customer experience. Window World’s clients appreciated the fast and convenient payment workflow.  

Fortis offers more than core payment services. Its value-based, robust approach to payment processing enables organizations like Window World to save time and resources as they grow. To leverage the Fortis advantage for your business or software, learn more about becoming a partner