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The Ease of Integration: How Fortis Simplifies Payment Solutions

By Fortis |

A poor payment process hinders business growth, with nearly a quarter of consumers reporting that they abandon the payment process due to a complicated checkout process. Other common reasons for cart abandonment include not trusting a website with credit card information, being unable to calculate the order total up-front, and having limited payment acceptance methods.

The traditional payment process for merchants and ISVs is often time-consuming to set up and maintain. Frequent changes to software and payment technology create a disjointed and complex process—making it challenging to optimize payments and collect more revenue.

Turnkey platforms, like Fortis, offer businesses an option to simplify payments and scale their operations. However, to understand how payment solutions can become more efficient, we need to review how friction affects both businesses and consumers. 

Friction in the Payments Process

The initial shift from manual paper-based payment processing to ERPs and digital solutions offered businesses increased transparency. However, the shift to digital did not resolve many key payment challenges, it simply digitized them while adding data entry as an additional step.

A lack of efficiency, consistency, and usability plagued accounting departments and small businesses who accept payments. The rise in payment fraud—through both identity theft and social engineering—combined with an increase in payment processing fees, placed an additional burden on merchants when it comes to accepting payments. Furthermore, businesses could not optimize their payment process without having full data visibility.

Many of these challenges stemmed from a lack of automation or security controls, which streamline the payment process, improve record-keeping, and detect suspicious behavior. Vague government and industry regulations confused ISVs and merchants, making navigating the payment solution landscape difficult.

Even as the industry starts to adopt these features to improve the payment acceptance experience, the payment process continues to be complex for many merchants. But it doesn’t have to be.

The Fortis Difference

Fortis offers an end-to-end payment solution for businesses and ISVs. One of its most prominent capabilities is the ability to provide embedded payments, which simplifies the payment process and fosters business growth.

Embedded payments allow customers to complete their transactions without leaving a platform’s website or app. This enables businesses to maintain a branded, frictionless payment process and leverage features like text-to-pay, HSA acceptance, and digital wallets. However, the ease of integration depends on your payment partner. This ease of integration is an area where Fortis excels.

With award-winning APIs, comprehensive customizations, and detailed developer documentation, Fortis provides merchants and ISVs with all the tools they need to optimize their payment process without sacrificing usability.

The Fortis platform enables businesses to expand their customer base and support customer retention through:

  • Accepting different payment methods
  • Collecting and analyzing payment data
  • Automating the payment process
  • Improving customer service 
  • Ensuring compliant data security
  • Developing an on-brand, custom payment process 

Experience Payments as They Were Meant to Be

Embedded payments is just one of many solutions businesses can leverage with the Fortis platform, but it is one of the most important. Implementing a robust embedded payments solution creates more than a seamless payment experience—it helps turn payments into your competitive advantage. 

Discover how to create remarkable payment experiences by contacting the Fortis team today.