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The Future of Embedded Payments: ETA TRANSACT 2023 in Review

By Fortis |

Fortis leadership had the pleasure to attend and speak at the 2023 TRANSACT conference, powered by ETA. As one of the leading payments events, our team led in-depth discussions about the future of the payments ecosystem, the power of embedded payments, and how individuals in the industry can advance their careers. 

If you weren’t able to attend or just wanted a refresher, here’s a summary: 

The Future of Embedded Payments: Greg Cohen, CEO

With over two decades of experience in the payments industry, Greg Cohen, CEO of Fortis, helped to kick off the conference. Together with Deana Rich from Infinicept, he introduced the embedded payments talk track.  

He also moderated a Fireside chat with Christie Stunkel, Head of Global Payments Partnerships at Square. In this session, titled The Future of Embedded Commerce, Greg and Christie explored new payment methods like Cash App Pay and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL). 

“We had an amazing and insightful discussion as Christie took us through the evolution of Square from the days of the dongle to the disruptive end-to-end embedded commerce business they have become,” said Greg. 

Going beyond current trends, they highlighted the likely roadmap for the future of embedded payments and how this will affect businesses and consumers. 

The Embedded Commerce Ecosystem: Mark Bishopp, SVP

Mark Bishopp, SVP and Head of Embedded Payments/Finance & Partnerships, led a panel titled The View from Across the Ecosystem: Embedded Commerce Today on how embedded payments has evolved over the years. As a leader in the financial services space since 1988, Mark understands and is connected to every part of the payments ecosystem and technology, including traditional payments, embedded finance, third-party payments, and blockchain.  

Speaking alongside Eric Queathem from WorldPay, Richie Serna from Finix, and Cassis Wong from Shopify, this session explored the current trends of the embedded commerce ecosystem and what it might look like in the near future.  

“We had a great conversation on payments around the perspectives of merchants, consumers, and the solutions supporting embedded payments,” said Mark. “For merchants in particular, the stakes are high to remain competitive. It’s become critical for merchants to work with solutions that treat Payments as a Strategic Asset (PaaSA).” 

Professional Development with a Growth Mindset: Kathy Kmiotek, Director of Channel Marketing 

Kathy Kmiotek, the Director of Channel Marketing at Fortis, has a long history of using data-driven, results-focused marketing and business strategies for multiple industries. And as a member of PayTech Women, a community celebrating women in the fintech industry, Kathy moderated a career development panel as a part of the Empow(H)er Program.  

In How to Maximize Your Career Potential, Kathy discussed the importance of thinking beyond promotion and adopting a growth mindset with Sandra Ishak, the Director of Chanel Marketing at Ingenico. Together, they explored their careers as tenured marketing professionals and women in fintech and shared tips on how young professionals can get the most out of their career journey.       

“Much of maximizing your career potential is about being on the upside of change and learning from experience,” said Kathy. “Set clear goals, be adaptable, stay proactive, seek feedback, and build a network to support and challenge you.” 

Accelerating Payments Innovation 

As a leader in embedded payments, Fortis is at the forefront of change in creating a nearly invisible payment process. Greg, Mark, and Kathy have all shared insight into the forces transforming the way we process and streamline payments today.  

Of course, it has also been a pleasure to learn from other leaders in the industry. We are all working together towards the same goal: To make payments faster, easier, and safer than ever before. 

To learn more about how our award-winning solutions work, check out this summary of our embedded payments solution