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Transforming the Payments Industry: ETA TRANSACT 2024 

By Fortis |

At ETA TRANSACT 2024, Fortis had the privilege of sharing thoughts and insights gleaned from decades of industry experience. We greatly appreciated our time at this premier event as our team discussed the future of the payments ecosystem and how embedded payments have revolutionized the industry.

In case you couldn’t attend, here’s a recap of some of our sessions:

The Power of Embedded Payments and How to Maximize Value Greg Cohen, CEO

Fortis CEO Greg Cohen shared his expertise in payments and embedded commerce in two high-impact sessions.

  • In What is Embedded Commerce? More Than You May Think, Greg discussed the future of embedded commerce with Dan Williams, SVP of Embedded Banking at Key Bank. They discussed how merchants and ISVs often struggle to keep up with rapid changes in the payments landscape. They may even view embedded payments as the latest iteration of a new passing technology. But embedded payments are more than a passing trend—they have implications for the entire industry.
  • Greg also engaged with Jim Battista from MAPP Advisors and the Head of Corporate Development at Payroc, Marcus Dagenais, in The Anatomy of a Payments 2.0 Deal. In this session, Greg delved into the most recent acquisitions made by Fortis and how entrepreneurs can maximize their value in today’s market.
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From left to right Marcus Dagenais Jim Battista and Greg Cohen

How Embedded Payments are Transforming the Industry: Timmy Nafso, EVP

Fortis Executive Vice President, Timmy Nafso, is a Co-Founder with over a decade of experience in payments, He also hosts the Embedded podcast and interviewed many industry experts for the series at TRANSACT.

Timmy also did a deep dive on embedded payments in the session, The Evolution of Embedded Services. Together with Austin Talley, CEO of Everyware, he covered the history of embedded payments and how they are fundamentally changing society’s relationship with money and financial services.

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Timmy Nafso on the left and Austin Talley on the right

Practical Approaches to AI: Kevin Shamoun, SVP

Currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Product and Innovation at Fortis, and as the Vice Chair of the Artificial Intelligence Committee by ETA, Kevin Shamoun also founded Zeamster and has over 20 years of experience working with major Independent Service Organizations (ISOs) and financial institutions.

In a panel titled AI & Payments: Real-World Use Cases, the Hype & What’s Ahead, Kevin explored new advancements in AI models and how they have transformed the payments industry. He discussed this topic alongside Donald Riddick, the Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary of Featurespace; Rebecca Alter, Trust and Safety Architect at Sift; and Russel Moore, Director of Corporate Strategy and Development at Global Payments.

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From left to right Donald Riddick Kevin Shamoun Russell Moore and Rebecca Alter

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Embedded payments is more than a buzzword—it represents a milestone in payment technology. As a leader in embedded payment solutions, Fortis has developed a transparent, custom, and high-powered payment process for merchants and ISVs. Through their sessions, Greg, Timmy, and Kevin, offered a holistic view of the industry landscape—from embedded technology to acquisitions.

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