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Your Ideal Embedded Payments Solution

By Fortis |

The third blog in our Embedded Payments series discusses features to look out for, as well as a deeper dive into the Fortis Platform. In case you missed it, you can find the first blog and the second blog of the series at their respective links.

What Features Should You Look for in the Ideal Embedded Payment Solution?

While making payments easier and faster is a win-win for customers and businesses, there are several points to consider when choosing the right platform. Security is paramount in financial transactions because of the amount of sensitive data they contain. But you also want to think about what kind of platform will allow you to grow in the long term.

Some key features that both software providers and merchants will appreciate are:  

  • Security – You want an embedded payments platform that invests in fraud protection and PCI DSS compliance. Ideally, they will do more than encrypt payment data—they will tokenize it for future use.  
  • Customization – Every business has different needs, and its customers have unique payment expectations. Your solution should provide payment and front-end customization options for an on-brand experience.  
  • Variety – There are several components your business may need for a seamless payment experience. Some features around integrated payment software should include are customer portals, payment facilitation, text-to-pay support, card account updater, and EMV Card Present transactions.  
  • Visibility – You’ll want a program that keeps track of invoices and scheduled reports for a clean auditing process.   
  • Sound APIs – The payment API is the cornerstone of your embedded payment solution. Your chosen API should be easy to implement and well-developed, with plenty of technical specs you or your IT team can look through, depending if you are a software developer or a merchant.  

The Embedded Payment Solution You’re Looking For 

When it comes down to it, you want a payment platform that makes sense for your industry, integrates with your ERP or software that runs your business, and provides a seamless payment experience. 

Fortis has an easy and robust embedded payment solution that provides everything you need to optimize your payment process and grow your business. For more on how our expert team can help your service providers and merchants accept more payments securely and scale, contact us today to get started.