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Embedded Payments: Powerful Technology That’s Delivering a Better Way To Do Business  

There are a multitude of ways embedded payments help businesses. Fortis Chairman and CEO Greg Cohen has seen many innovations over his 20-year career in payments and was an early advocate of integrated technology.  Read More

Partner Spotlight: Ricochet POS 

Ricochet partnered with Fortis to go beyond the basics of a payment integration and added tremendous value to their product by tapping into next-gen embedded payment features.  Read More

PayPod: Embedded Payments with Mark Bishopp 

Mark Bishopp, SVP of Embedded Commerce & Partnerships at Fortis, met with Jacob Hollabaugh, Host of PayPod, to discuss the embedded payment experience.   Read More

The Future of Embedded Payments: ETA TRANSACT 2023 in Review

The Fortis leadership team attended and moderated panels on embedded payments at the 2023 TRANSACT conference by ETA.  Read More